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Our clients are coaches, consultants, and companies with vague ideas for getting their message out. Athenia creates marketing assets, architects and executes marketing and training strategies, and creates online training courses  


Always Start with Content

Words matter. When you want to convey your best ideas, or persuade someone to take action, it’s the words that make that happen. Our copywriters work a little differently than others – they become your subject matter experts. They can pick out the little details that add kick to the copy, and pull out what makes <your thing> unique and irresistible. Content is what drives the marketing plan and feeds the marketing machine, so we work hard to get the blogs, articles, website pages, email sequences, and sales letters just right. 


Finish with Flair

Sure. Content is king. But Images are queen. 👑 And we all know the queen does equal kingdom work and makes it look good. Images are what grab the attention of the reader, and contribute to the positive or negative impression of the message. They underscore the voice and tone and can be the tipping point between a merely interesting message and viral wildfire. Ask us about:

  • Featured Images
  • Branded Social Images
  • Custom Pinterest Boards
  • Instagram makeovers

Our Specialties

We offer a free no-obligation content audit and report.

Blog posts

website copy makeovers

email sequencing

sales letters & funnels

video sales scripts

online course scripts

social media posts

content strategy audits

content calendar creation

technical writing 

ebooks & lead magnets

Branded social images

social media account makeovers

how we work

Plan, Research, Write, Repeat. 

We approach content marketing in four steps. We start with strategy, defining your ideal clients, the message you want to convey, and the action you want them to take. Then we create a calendar based on your sales goals to work in concert with your offline efforts. After that, we fire up the old writing machine and produce the words. And finally, we create or source the right images to match the message. 

Then we grab some coffee, and do it again.   

content strategy

We work with you to choose the channels, messages and calls to action to focus on.

content calendar

We create a customized posting schedule based on your audience,

content creation

Following the calendar, we create blog posts, articles and other assets.

content amplification

We craft graphics designed to interrupt your audience with your message.

old school meets new school

We Know Marketing 

Nothing in marketing is new. Digital Marketing and Social Media are just new channels. 

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