Athenia Creative builds courses and marketing strategies for authors, coaches, creators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs  wanting to launch quickly, successfully, and affordably – guaranteed.

not another course to teach you to build a course

How to Build and Launch a Successful Online Course Faster Than You Thought Possible…

(without Quitting Your Job or Going Broke.)

Maybe you’ve written a book, or you have a popular blog or social media following. Maybe you’re an expert on a subject and you’re ready to share your wisdom with the world – and create a passive income with an online course.




you’re frustrated

You’ve Been Stuck for a While…

You don’t know where to start. There are a lot of courses that teach you how to create courses and maybe you’ve taken a couple. You’ve done challenges or academies. Downloaded endless checklists. Started and stopped. And started again.

And your course is still not finished. You’re suffering from analysis paralysis. 

You don’t want to spend the time or money on another course for yourself. No one’s got that kind of time and money to keep trying and stopping over and over. 

You just want to get it done and out into the wild.

You don’t want to have to teach yourself video editing, copywriting, or advanced learning theory… and you don’t have the time to create hours and hours of content – only to have no one sign up to take your course.

Most Courses Fail Because...

  • They’re boring or don’t keep learners engaged

  • They’re produced poorly and look and feel cheap

  • They’re overpriced and don’t provide value

Online Courses are HOT

They’re the current killer app. And there are a ton of experts out there that want to teach you how to create a course and deliver it on Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, Skillshare, or some other turnkey system. The success of books like Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets has taught hundreds of thousands of people why they should share their expertise and create a good income from it.

It makes perfect sense to share knowledge and expertise and charge for it. And if you create a course once you can sell it over and over.

But most courses fail.

Students don’t complete them, or worse – ask for a refund. That’s devastating if you’ve spent time and money creating something from your heart to share. We see easily fixable mistakes in most failures.

Don’t let your course fail.

Be the exception. Let us help you get your course launched and successful more quickly and more affordably than you think – guaranteed.



Let us help you get your course launched and successful more quickly and more affordably than you think – guaranteed.

make the wise choice

We’re professional unstuckers. 

Wherever you find yourself in the course creation process, we can help. 

If you’re starting from a vague idea, we can get it out of your head and into a project plan, complete with learning objectives and a deadline for getting it off the launch pad.

If you’ve got some raw content, we can take it and polish it so it shines – and get it finished and in the hands of your eager learners.

And if you’ve got a finished course that just isn’t selling – we can get ideal customers buying and taking your course.




course strategy

We work with you to choose the content and delivery methods best suited to your objectives

content creation

You’ll become your own subject matter expert – we’ll handle getting all the content finished

course formatting

As trained instructional designers, we know how to structure a course to keep your learners engaged and happily moving along

learning platforms

We’ll take all the guesswork out of how to get your course launched and help you choose the right platform to ensure its success

take the next step to course success

We offer a free no-obligation discovery call

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Our team includes instructional designers, voice over artists, graphic designers, learning specialists, subject matter experts, technical writers, and project managers. 


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